We won't be silenced


To the Editor:

At a recent rally in Minnesota for President Trump, a supporter was spat on while giving a news interview. The culprit was a cowardly liberal protestor. The supporter’s name was Dave Carlson, who was explaining to the reporter why he donates to President Trump. Mr. Carlson simply turned slightly and replied “Oh nice” and chuckled.

Mr. Carlson’s only crime being he was a loyal American wearing a Donald Trump hat. I myself own five Donald Trump caps, but I know what will happen if I ever wear one in this sanctuary city. I don’t think I could be as forgiving as Dave and would probably wind up in serious trouble for simply defending myself.

In 1969, upon my return from overseas, my comrades and I were greeted by our own people spitting at us and calling us “baby killers” simply for obeying the laws of the nation and entering the military. These cowards were too afraid to go into the military themselves so they tried to make themselves look good by crucifying us. Today’s cowards have an agenda that they don’t even understand.

Here is a message to all those liberals out there who are protected from any type of retaliation because they will scream racist and hater immediately upon being confronted: You are inciting violence and attempting to bully us. You can spit on us, punch us, and try to intimidate us but, remember, we get to vote in November; we will not be silenced.

This is still a free nation, even though most of our conservative rights have been given up in order for the cowards of this nation to be able to express themselves fully. Hopefully in November, everyone in this nation will again be allowed to express their opinions without fear of being vilified by liberal fascists and the true racists and haters of America.

John Cervone

North Providence


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i own ten hats. i love america more than you.

Thursday, January 2

I support President Trump...he is doing a fantastic job. However, if I put a bumper sticker on my car, I am afraid my car will be vandalized. If I wear a MAGA hat or shirt, I will be attacked. I am sick of this.

trust me, there are a lot of 'closet' Trump supporters too afraid to show their support because of retaliation from the so-called tolerant left.

Thursday, January 2

Spot on John. We will find out this year whether the Wall St Liberals & Lefties (who preach tolerance , diversity, open mindedness and rest of the modern horse manure) will allow the deplorables to vote for the candidate of their choice. The editors of this paper have declared "a-reluctant-but-needed-step-for-the-nation"- IMPEACH the President, so we know where they stand in this battle.

Thursday, January 2

Am I the only one who sees the connection and dare I say irony of three commenters stating how difficult it is to believe in something passionately when being called names and at times, physically assaulted? How rare to find yourself being able to walk in the shoes of someone with a different race or sexuality.

No sarcasm or ill intent is meant by my comment. I am sincerely curious. Do you find that it has changed your viewpoint in any way?

Monday, January 6

i follow in the footsteps of Publius, so i am not sure of which you speak

Monday, January 6


Comparing anti-Trump zealots that spit on folks to civil rights struggles is really shameful. Being spit on for being black or jewish is racism/bigotry. Being spit on for supporting the actual president of the USA is just plain crazyville. Just plain crazy.

Wednesday, January 8


I understand that the two are not comparable in the manner that you stated, however, that wasn't the idea I was trying to get across. I probably could have stated it in a clearer manner.

People are passionate about what they believe in and sometimes their actions really cross boundaries. I come from a point of view where I can agree to disagree without spewing hate or physical violence. It doesn't cost me a thing to be reasonable.

There is a very large majority of trump supporters that disagree with liberal groups and ideology. With the shoe on the other foot, how does that change how they interact and conduct themselves? Does it make them more passionate and purposeful? Does it make them consider the other side of the argument?

I think it is something we all should be thinking about and considering regardless of where we stand politically. If you experience hate for stating what you believe in, does it make you consider how other people feel when you hate on them for believing in what they believe in? You can't grow if you can't be truthful with yourself. I don't think it is a shameful question.

Wednesday, January 8
John Stark

Cat: I can think of very few, if any, positions held by President Obama with which I agreed. But it never occurred to me to shout someone out of a restaurant while he was dining with his family. I never uttered the phrase: "I hate Obama." And it would never, ever have occurred to me to spit on someone who supported President Obama. We simply disagreed. He was My President, though I never voted for him. The difference is that those who oppose President Trump believe they "care" more than anyone else. The very same people who portend to oppose the concept of "Hate" do not hesitate to use the word when it comes to this President. All because they "care" more than the rest of us. Bottom line: Many of us who underwrite liberal "caring" have had it. We're tapped out. We're done.

Wednesday, January 8

I just returned from a trip to Florida. How refreshing it was to be able to talk to smart conservatives down there....Florida is Trump country. There are a lot of 'closet' Trump supporters...too afraid to speak up for fear of being attacked, physically and verbally. The Trump bumper stickers are everywhere down there....if I were to put one on my car up here, I would get a rock through my window.

Trump 2020!!!!

5 days ago

Didn't a trump supporter kill someone with a car? Are you telling me trump supporters are non-violent?? Really?

4 days ago