On the wings of an Eagle

By LONNIE BARHAM -- In mid-August nine Gold Star Teens, who have all lost a loved one in the wars in the Middle East, boarded U.S. Coast Guard Ship Cutter Eagle in New York City. What they learned was invaluable.

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All aboard the Air Force One Experience

The Children's Democracy Project transformed a 747 into a museum piece - dubbed the Air Force One Project - which will allow up to 50 people at a time to get a unique look at how the president travels around the world.

UMELT adds pizzazz to grilled cheese

Restaurant Review By DON FOWLER I grew up on steady doses of toasted (grilled) cheese. One slice of Kraft American cheese between two slices of Wonder Bread. Today, grilled cheese sandwiches have evolved from basic, inexpensive, comfort food to creative

Wilbury’s 'The Caretaker' is compelling theatre

Set in the far corner of Wilbury Theatre’s expansive new “playground,” Harold Pinter’s classic psychological drama, “The Caretaker,” is given a compelling production by three talented …


mother! * * (Joyce) * * (Don) (Confusing allegorical horror) We, like most critics, disagreed on this one. First of all, it is a tense, violent horror story. Second, it is an allegory, with many biblical references. The star, Jennifer Lawrence,