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(Interesting idea that doesn’t work)

Here’s an interesting idea: save the world from overpopulation by downsizing people.

When a Norwegian scientist comes up with the formula to shrink humans from feet to inches, people flock to the new domed Leisureland to live a better life. Poor Paul (Matt Damon). He’s on the operating table, about to cross over, when his wife (Kristen Wiig) chickens out, sending him by himself to this strange new world. Paul meets a Vietnamese dissident with one leg (Hong Chau) with a high-pitched voice that will drive you crazy. HE discovers that she lives in a ghetto and works as a cleaning lady, taking food back to her neighbors. She coerces Paul into helping her.

From there the movie goes off in a variety of directions, emphasizing that life isn’t fair, people are prejudiced and mean, and something must be done to save the planet. Paul’s neighbor (Christoph Waltz in his worst performance ever) leads Paul astray.

If the trailers lead you to believe that this is a comedy, wrong! The movie ends up back in Norway at the original colony, where a clan of downsized people are willing to give up their idyllic life to move underground. None of this makes much sense. The movie is stupid. The ending is ridiculous.

Rated R for Rotten, with profanity, sex, nudity and drugs.


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