All for putting 3 roads on a diet


To the Editor:

I was quite impressed when I read your article about DOT's road and safety improvements in our Greenwood neighborhood. This is a long time coming and will improve the look and feel driving, may increase cycling, jogging and walking along main roadways in Greenwood to Apponaug and neighboring communities, including drastically improving pedestrian safety for our children riding their bikes to their friends; cyclists, joggers and walkers can easily work their way without dodging through shoddy sidewalks sitting there now.

I hope DOT considers updating sidewalks and adding properly lined bike lanes connecting us to our neighborhoods and parks like the bike lane and sidewalks in front of City Hall and the Apponaug Circulator. There are two bike shops on the same stretch of road with the Washington Secondary Bike Path bordering Warwick/Cranston lines and no real safe way to get there by bike other than by car. Side note: it's too bad more locals don't walk to the mall or shops nearby.

I'm all for slower, safer traffic, safer bike lanes and updated sidewalks to encourage pedestrian safety, improving our neighborhoods and taking health and wellness to new levels for everyone.

Oscar Martinez



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Dear Oscar,

The bike path in the Apponaug circle has still been ignored by bicyclers from what I have seen. Traffic went from two lanes down to one slowing progress dramatically, increasing accidents by 800% according to the Warwick Police.

Like you, I favor "health and wellness" but it seems to be a the cost of efficiency and practicality and a considerable amount of taxpayers dollars.

Just my opinion.

Rick Corrente

The Taxpayers Mayor

Thursday, May 10, 2018

Center turn lanes are a waste of asphalt. 90% of Rhody drivers don't know how to use them. On busy West Shore Rd near Vets MS where there is a middle lane, drivers trying to make left turns from side roads still sit there until both lanes are empty, or worse pull half way out blocking the near travel lane, refusing to pull into the empty middle lane, and waiting until the far travel lane is clear. Also when I use a gap in the near travel lane to pull out in the middle lane, planning on waiting for a gap in the traffic from the right, drivers panic stop and jack up traffic in that lane or worse, slow down and wave me in frustrating the traffic behind them. No matter how much traffic or how backed up, the middle lane is almost always empty.

Saturday, May 12, 2018