Warwick Rocking around the Christmas Tree


There’s something so joyous about finding something out in the wild – whether that’s an expansive stretch of greenspace or simply a windowsill along a route you sometimes walk in the city – that has a message seemingly just for you.

Such a find can brighten up a previously dreary day and create a chain reaction of goodness that ripples throughout any community. This is why, on this pre-Christmas edition of the Beacon, we feel it is important to further point out the efforts of the many people behind the Warwick Rocks Facebook page.

This time of year, charitable donations and grants dominate headlines, and rightfully so, as they have a huge and positive impact on many thousands of people around the state. However, as we can all relate to at one point in life or another, there are ways to spread cheer and happiness without spending a cent – and sometimes these ways result in the most resounding impact.

Warwick Rocks has grown from a small group of participants to having about 1,500 followers, and there’s no reason for the page to stop gaining fans. The whole premise is simple, as some people paint rocks with fun messages, cute pictures or a combination of the two, and hide them around the city for anybody to find.

On the back of each official Warwick Rock is a note pasted which implores the finder to take a selfie with the rock, post it to the Warwick Rocks Facebook page and say where they found it. This way, the rock painter and hider can notice if their rock has been found. Finders are encouraged to either keep the rock or go out and hide it once again, so that others may find it and enjoy.

The idea is such a simple but wonderful thing. You may be strolling completely alone, lost in a cloud of negative thoughts, only to stumble upon one of these brightly painted rocks. All of the sudden, your mind makes the connection that another person has walked this exact route and, even better, they left something here in the hopes someone might see it. And now that person is you!

You go online, excited to show what you found and hopefully connect with the rock’s creator. You engage with other people you probably don’t even know, and in a totally positive way. The motto found on the rocks is “spreading kindness one rock at a time,” and that is certainly a worthy goal, and a creative way to accomplish it.

So keep an eye out all over the city. We at the Beacon found a lovely little rock placed on our very own windowsill, which was decked out in little painted Christmas lights and a sparkle finish. Others have been spotted by colleagues and friends, and the number will surely only grow as more people come across them.

The Warwick Rocks page is the epitome of Christmas spirit and holiday magic, and we thank all of those who began the initiative with a goal in mind to spread happiness and good cheer.

Happy holidays to all of our readers, subscribers, friends, colleagues and all in Rhode Island and beyond.


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