Senators make case for witnesses, new evidence in Trump trial


As the impeachment trial of President Donald Trump gets underway this week, Rhode Island’s senators say they want the process to be thorough and even-handed – although each acknowledged the political realities surrounding the situation and the difficult process that lies ahead.

Meeting with members of the media at his Chapel View office in Cranston on Friday, U.S. Sen. Jack Reed called for a “fair, full and expeditious trial.”

“We all signed an oath attesting that we will uphold the Constitution and the laws of the United States, and that should be our primary, and sole, objective throughout this process,” he said.

Reed’s colleague, U.S. Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse, spoke in stronger terms. He said the trial parameters being sought by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell represent a “novel aberration” in the history of American law – and he cautioned that efforts to limit or halt the proceedings could lead to consequences at the polls in November.

“Ultimately, we are all accountable to the American people. And if this trial is botched, the American people will have their say,” he said.

The day before the press event, Reed and Whitehouse – along with their 98 Senate colleagues – were sworn in for the trial by Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts. The trial was set to begin Jan. 21.

Even as the Rhode Island senators spoke, new developments were unfolding in the nation’s capital.

News had just broken that Trump hired prominent attorneys Alan Dershowitz and Ken Starr – the latter known for his role in former President Bill Clinton’s impeachment – as part of his defense team. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has also announced the seven impeachment managers who will make the case for the articles of impeachment, which accuse the president of abuse of power and obstruction of justice.

Meanwhile, media interviews with Lev Parnas, an associate of Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani, and the release of new evidence from the House of Representatives’ investigation brought new dimensions to an already volatile situation.

Reed, in his remarks Friday, focused largely on the Senate’s responsibility in the impeachment process – saying that “fairness and fidelity to the Constitution is the most compelling aspect of our duties together.”

A veteran of the Clinton impeachment proceedings, Reed also called for a process that is inclusive in terms of testimony and evidence.

“The American people deserve, I think, to see all the facts, all the documents, hear from the witnesses who can offer first-hand accounts,” he said. “If new evidence comes to light, new facts … all of that should be presented to the American people and to the United States Senate.”

He added: “This is a different, unique role for Congress … The Congress has the power to impeach. The president does not have the power to dissolve Congress. The framers created a system where we have significant responsibilities, and we have to take them seriously.”

Whitehouse – a former Rhode Island attorney general – said hopes for a process that is inclusive in terms of testimony and evidence are “not off to a good start.” He said that while Republicans may succeed in limiting the scope of the impeachment proceedings, the likelihood that evidence will become public at some point – through court cases, reporting or other means – presents the possibility of a significant credibility issue going forward.

“The notion that evidence that is not excludable, and that is known to exist, gets kept from a finder of fact is one that is alien to the history and the traditions of American law,” he said.

Both senators agreed that testimony from four witnesses identified by Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer – former National Security Adviser John Bolton, White House Acting Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney, and their respective top aides – would be vital.

“Those four, at a minimum, I think would be essential,” Reed said.

Reed and Whitehouse each acknowledged the possibility that McConnell will move to abruptly end the trial, which could be done through a simple majority vote.

Reed said he believes such a move is “highly unlikely” before, or at the start of, the proceedings because a number of Republican senators “understand that there has to be a trial.”

Whitehouse concurred, but he believes the restraint will be short lived.

“I think at the very first opportunity that Leader McConnell can round up those Republican votes, he will shut this down,” he said.

In one of the more colorful moments from Friday’s event, Whitehouse likened Starr to the character Javert from the novel “Les Misérables.”

“Ken Starr is the Inspector Javert, the Clinton-obsessed prosecutor, of that era,” he said. “So it’s going to be really interesting to see if he can with a straight face criticize the House of Representatives for having been unfair to President Trump in the wake of his own record.”


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Like to see these 2 clowns out of Washington , they are the biggest problem we have, they are only worried about the money they can come out of Washington with. We need TERM LIMITS!!!! Global warming my ass!!!

Tuesday, January 21
Ben Dover

Here are 2 of the 4 Stooges...Time for a career change...Your comments are beyond laughable...Nothing but partisan hacks, all 4 of you in Washington. By the way, nice being part of the 10 that voted against USMCA...After all, Rhode Island doesn't need to be able to provide more services, goods or manufactured products to Canada or Mexico......GET OUT.

Tuesday, January 21

Biden’s family traded on the Biden name, and Joe Biden’s position as Vice President of the United States, to make deals with foreign entities and governments, beneficial to them personally. What’s wrong with that ? Not only is there no evidence of wrongdoing, it doesn’t even look wrong. How dare Trump attempt to investigate his future political opponent on the twisted premise the Vice Pres was bought and paid for, and take him down for receiving foreign money he was properly entitled to. GO BIDEN 2020 ! ! !

Wednesday, January 22

What is sad is the fact none of the RI Senators or Congressmen work to clean up their own party!

Myself, I'm voting straight Republican this fall if only to send a message to clean up your own house before you throw stones! Let's start by talking 2016, Hillary and the Clinton Foundation, doesn't get any more crooked than that, and with all that money going through them, they never got audited! Sounds like corruption at the highest level and the RI guys were all backing her!

Join me in voting Republican this fall, if for nothing else just to show you're tired of the corruption!

Wednesday, January 22

These Two HACKS wouldn't know anything about "Fairness" or the Constitution if it walked through their soup!!! What a couple of Disgusting, Embarrassing, Parasites!! Throw them BOTH out on their Arse....ASAP!!! I won't even allow a registered CommieCrat through my front door!! DISGRACEFUL!!!!

Wednesday, January 22

Please. You're listening to these two?

Trump 2020

They know they can't beat him, so they have been trying to impeach from the moment he was elected. They keep going from one thing to another until something stuck. This only got through the House because Pelosi and Shiff are corrupt.

I can't wait til the senate acquits him.

Thursday, January 23

Whitehouse likened Starr to the character Javert from the novel “Les Misérables.”

OK so yes you've got this one right, in that Javert was going after a convicted criminal. Clinton had been convicted of lying to a federal judge and the American Bar Association suspended his law license.

Shiff and company not so much, Trump has been convicted of nothing.

Thursday, January 30