Police Log - Stolen guitars



On January 13 at approximately 3:23 p.m., Officer Richard Odell was driving north on Greenwich Avenue when he saw a cat get struck by a passing vehicle.

According to his report, the officer observed a car driving south on Greenwich Avenue when a cat ran out from the yard of 1005 Greenwich Avenue and was struck by the vehicle. The driver stopped and identified himself to the officer.

Officer Odell reported that the cat was bleeding out of its mouth, had labored breathing and was beyond the point of saving. The cat had no collar or identification tag. Sergeant Nelson was briefed of the situation and agreed that the animal should be put down. Officer Odell then took a department-issued .22 rifle out of the cruiser while additional officers stopped traffic on Greenwich Avenue at least 50 yards in each direction away from the scene. The cat was then put down with one round.

As the cat ran out of the yard of 1005 Greenwich Avenue, the officer knocked on the door to see if they were the owner but no one was home. The cat was then left in the bushes to the right side of the driveway and the report was forwarded to Animal Control.

The cat was later identified as the pet of Greenwood resident Elizabeth Finelli. She said it was a “house cat” and scampered out when she opened a door to her home. Finelli said she called police to see if there were any reports of a found cat as well as talked to Animal Control and posted to the Warwick Positive Facebook page. She has since recovered the cat’s body and is planning on a burial.


Around 11:30 a.m. on January 2, Officer Christian Vargas responded to the Burlington store parking lot on Bald Hill Road for a report of stolen tools from a work van.

At the scene the officer met with the owner of the van who stated that he was working at the job site across the parking lot when he went inside the store to use the restroom. When he returned to the van he noticed that multiple tools were missing, including a press, hammer drill, Hackzal, hole saw kit, and others with a combined value of nearly $2,200.

There were no signs of forced entry into the van, and the owner stated that he had been having issues with one of the doors, which took time to open and close. The door may have been left open by an apprentice. There are currently no suspects, however, the victim wishes to press charges should one be found.


On January 7 around 6 p.m., Officers Anthony Tavares and Anthony D’Abrosca were dispatched to the Aldi supermarket on Quaker Lane for a report of a shoplifting in progress.

At the store, the officers met with a manager who explained that she was called to the front of the store because one of the cashiers observed a customer walk into the store with empty bags and then walk out with the same bags filled with merchandise which wasn’t paid for. The officers then observed video surveillance of the suspect, and also met with the cashier who provided a description of the woman.

According to the police report, a total of $11.10 of food items were taken from the store. The store staff told the officers that this was not the first time the suspect had done this and they believed that similar incidents would happen again. The manager indicated that the store wished to press charges against the woman should she be caught. The case was forwarded to department detectives for follow up.


Officer Michael Walker responded to the Jake Kaplan’s Land Rover dealership on January 9 at approximately 9 a.m. for a report of a stolen motor vehicle.

At the scene the officer spoke with the service manager who advised that one of their vehicles was missing. She stated that the vehicle was brought in for service on January 4 and that the work was completed on January 5. The vehicle was then parked outside of the service area.

As of January 8 at approximately 10 a.m., after extensively looking for the car, they discovered that the vehicle was stolen. The vehicle was described as a 2009 black Range Rover Sport, and the officer advised that the dealership needed to contact the owner of the car so that they could file a criminal complaint.

Officer Walker sent a bee on the lookout alert to Rhode Island law enforcement agencies. He later met with the owner of the vehicle, who filed a criminal complaint indicating that he wished to press charges should a suspect be found.


On January 12 at approximately 9:30 a.m., Officer Michael Walker responded to the Guitar Center on Bald Hill Road for a report of multiple guitars being stolen.

At the store he spoke with a manager, who told the officer that after completing an inventory of the store, they discovered that 11 high-end guitars were missing, most likely due to shoplifters during the busy holiday season.

The guitars ranged in price from $550 to $2,399.99. The total value of the merchandise taken was valued at $10,233. The serial numbers for each guitar were supplied to the officer. It is believed that they were shoplifted by an unknown number of suspects during an uncertain period of time. There are no suspects at this time, however, Guitar Center stated they would press charges if any suspects are found.


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