Mayor extends deadlines for city tax, utility payments


In light of the COVID-19 pandemic affecting Rhode Islanders, Mayor Joseph Solomon has signed an executive order to extend city tax and utility payment deadlines. 

“Our nation is facing a pandemic like none of us have ever seen. We know that the best way to prevent the spread of COVID-19 is containment – we are asking people to stay home unless absolutely necessary,” Solomon said in a statement. “However, for many workers, staying home means lost wages. Additionally, more and more businesses are closed, or at the very least, seeing a dramatic decrease in revenue. My highest priority is keeping people safe, but I am also acutely aware of the economic hardship this pandemic is causing for our residents and businesses. As a community, we need to pull together and do whatever we can to support each other. By extending tax and utility deadlines, we are giving people time to focus on the immediate challenges at hand.”

The executive order will extend collection dates for city taxes and utilities. Payment deadlines for real estate, personal property and motor vehicle taxes are extended until May 15, 2020. Utility bills are extended until June 1, 2020. Sewer assessment fees are extended until June 15, 2020.

Asked Wednesday how postponing payment would impact city finances, Solomon said as a practice he doesn’t but something unless he can afford it.

“Extension of this [payment deadlines] is not going to be detrimental to the financial health of the city,” he said. 

Solomon reminded residents and business owners that utility and tax payments can be made online (for a nominal fee), mailed, or left in a drop box at the Tax Collector’s Office.

“We are asking people not to come to City Hall in person unless absolutely necessary. We are utilizing all containment measures possible to stop the spread of COVID-19,” said Mayor Solomon. “We are asking people to do as much business online as possible. If you absolutely must come to City Hall, please call ahead and make an appointment – this limits your time here, as well as any potential crowds.” 

Online payments for tax bills (including real estate, motor vehicle, and personal property), utility bills (water and sewer) or sewer assessment bills can be made at (Please note that a nominal fee applies to online payments.)

The Tax Collector's Office, which is located at 3027 West Shore Road, also has an outside drop box that is monitored on a daily basis. If you need to reach someone in the Tax Collector's Office, call 738-2002. Please be advised that the office is receiving an influx of calls, so if a representative is unavailable, please leave a message and your call will be returned as soon as possible and in the order in which it was received.

Payments may also be mailed to the Tax Collector’s lockbox processing center at the addresses below:

Tax Payments

City of Warwick - Tax

P.O. Box 981027

Boston, MA 02298-1027

Utility Payments

City of Warwick - Utility

P.O. Box 981076

Boston, MA 02298-1076

“I have put containment protocols in place across the city,” said Solomon. “We are keeping the city fully operational, but we are limiting staffing. This is for the safety of my staff, as well as the general public. The containment measures in place may cause some delays in our day-to-day business, but we are still keeping the city going. We ask that the public be patient as we work through this critical time. I know that the containment protocols may cause some inconveniences now, but I also know that we are ultimately saving lives by preventing the spread of this virus.”

On Friday, March 13 Mayor Solomon declared a state of emergency and a municipal state of emergency for the City of Warwick in order to more proactively and effectively address the threats presented by the COVID-19 virus. Under the state of emergency, Warwick’s Emergency Operations Plan is in effect and its Municipal COVID-19/Coronavirus Response Task Force has been activated.

The state of emergency for the City of Warwick is in place until further notice.

Under the municipal state of emergency, all municipal board and commission meetings, including the City Council, zoning and planning boards and municipal and probate courts are cancelled until further notice. At this time, the City of Warwick remains open, but departments are making adjustments in accordance with the City’s state of emergency, as well as the guidelines set forth by Governor Raimondo and the Rhode Island Department of Health (RIDOH).

Mayor Solomon is posting updates on the City’s homepage, and is also sharing information via Facebook and Twitter.


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Mayor Joe has our back.

Thursday, March 19
John Simoneau

Then we all better watch our back. He cares about himself, his family, friends, unions and other political hacks only.

Friday, March 20
Ben Dover

Yeah, thanks a bunch Mr. Mayor...My Daughter just got her $26K sewer assessment...HEY, timing in life is everything...Pretty soon, Pawtucket will pass us and we will be the 4th largest city, headed down...How's the unfunded liability thing working out?

Friday, March 20
John Simoneau

Every one that receives one of those should put the WFD to work, collect and screw

Friday, March 20

One person who should NOT be receiving a n extension for his tax payments would be Johnny Sweat Pants, as he already rapes the taxpayers of the city of Providence to the tune of 100,000 tax free dollars per year for a phony injury he mysteriously suffered just as the city was preparing to fire him.

Saturday, March 21
John Simoneau

Ziggy the COWARD

Get new info. I'll type slower for you....R..U..Ready

$$ is much to high

Never up for firing ... actually would have gotten promoted if I stayed ..

Meet me anytime, ANYPLACE, and I'll read it to you.. COWARD!

Saturday, March 21
Conimicut Charlie

Looks like Johnny Hypocrite is ashamed to reveal his $100,000 TAX FREE phony disability pension that he scammed from the city of Providence. What a creep.

Saturday, March 21
John Simoneau

BLAH, BLAH, BLAH .... Still wrong. Get a life COWARDS!

Sunday, March 22

This money is for next yr. Not this yr budget. Joey doing a good job more be done with him . Then the other one. Just take a deep breath. JUST HOLD THE LINE.

Monday, March 23
Warwick Resident

Does Simoneau have any other word in his vocabulary other than "COWARD"?

5 days ago
John Simoneau

Apparently you can't read any other word..... IDIOT

5 days ago
Fashion Plate

If anyone has been following television lately, you'll notice many news anchors, reporters, etc., have been reporting from home instead of coming to the studio in an attempt to practice social distancing. Many have also admitted that during these remote broadcasts, due to the fact that the camera is only focusing on head and shoulder shots, that they are only wearing business attire from the waist up, and wearing pajama bottoms for comfort.

With that being said, who knew Johnny Pajamas would be so far ahead of his time, and that wearing pajama bottoms would become acceptable attire while in public?

So to all the posters ridiculing Johnny Pajamas for dressing like a hobo when attending city council meetings, promotional ceremonies, and other instances where he's in the public eye, it looks like he was on to something, and wearing pajama bottoms in public has become acceptable attire!

Bravo Johnny Pajamas!

4 days ago
John Simoneau


Jealousy gets you nowhere @*&#^!. Grow some balls and come see me IDIOT.

4 days ago
Conimicut Charlie

Has anyone else noticed that not single poster comes on to defend Johnny Sweat Pants? Even his best friends and biggest supporters such as Block Head, Cushman, and the felon gasoline dumper are distancing themselves from him. The only exception to that group would be his girlfriend Stacia, who follows the words of the old country music song "Stand By Your Man". And while Stacia and Johnny Sweat Pants are surely enjoying each other's company while they're self quarantining in the basement of the Sweat Pants sugar shack, you can bet that as soon as the self quarantining order is lifted, Stacia is going to leave and divorce Johnny Sweat Pants as fast as she left and divorced her past 3 husbands.

3 days ago
John Simoneau

Children .... COWARDS

Been happily married for 38 years to same woman, and would NEVER be with another, but you probably would based on your character displayed here. Time for you to give it a rest, and comment on articles, not cave to your obsession due to John Simoneau derangement syndrome.

3 days ago
Conimicut Charlie

Hey Johnny Pajamas-When you mention being married to the same woman for 38 years, are you referring to Harriet or Stacia?

Yesterday at 3:41 PM
John Simoneau

Stop showing your stupidity, you @&*%&#ing FAGGOT COWARD.

Enjoy. Be seeing you!

Yesterday at 4:13 PM