In response to 'God, guns & guts'


To the Editor:
In response to the letter, “God, guns and guts” written by Richard Walsh, I have a few comments.
Richard states that God, guns and guts are the real protectors of mass killings in the U.S. That is his opinion. I would like to state a fact. Out of all the people killed in mass killings in the U.S. (World Trade Center, Oklahoma bombing, mass shootings, etc.) not one person was protected by God, guns or guts. Not one.
He also informs us that, in the deaths of people who die from anything other than being shot, no firearms are responsible. That equates to a tobacco company stating, “The deaths of all those killed in mass killings, not one cigarette was responsible!”
Make no mistake about it, America; the only “weapon” to protect us is critical thought.

David Chartier


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The Skipper

Say what YOU think is intelligent. You have a right to your opinion I agree. The FACT is if it wasn't for God Guts and Guns You'd be Dead or never would have been born or be speaking German, Japanese, or Russian right now.

Tuesday, September 10

we knows dat gun guts and god has kept us from speaking afghanistany here. one generation down and another ready to go die to save democracy

Tuesday, September 10