DEM awards $1.8M contract for Rocky Pt. pier


After numerous announcements over the past two years that it would soon happen, the state has awarded a contract for the construction of a 280-foot-long T-shaped pier at Rocky Point Park.

In a joint release Monday, the Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management (DEM) and Warwick Mayor Joseph J. Solomon said construction of a new timber fishing pier will begin soon. Financed by RI Capital Plan and Green Economy Bond funding, the $1.8 million project is expected to be completed by December and will provide anglers of all abilities with access to one of the state's prime fishing areas.

“Expanding shoreline and fishing access is core to our mission at DEM and we’re thrilled that the new pier will enable anglers, regardless of their physical abilities, to experience the joy and bounty of fishing on Narragansett Bay,” said DEM Director Janet Coit. “I hope that the public will benefit from this recreational investment and asset for decades to come.”

“Rocky Point is a crown jewel of Warwick and Rhode Island and it’s been wonderful to see so many people enjoying the park once again,” said Solomon. “As council president, I was proud to work cooperatively with DEM to make sure the pier would be reconstructed. It’s a terrific addition to all the improvements that have been made at Rocky Point. It will stand as a symbol of the rich history of the park and our maritime heritage while offering people another way to access our beautiful Bay.”

The new fishing pier will feature a shade structure, benches, railings, and solar lighting. Railing heights will vary to allow people of all ages and abilities to enjoy access to Narragansett Bay.

The completed project will provide saltwater fishing access less than 10 miles from Downtown Providence, advancing a key element of this coastal public park. The fishing pier will complement a variety of recreational opportunities at Rocky Point State Park, including walking, bird-watching, rock climbing, the RI Saltwater Anglers Association’s Youth Fishing Camp (slated for June 25-27 this year), DEM’s popular “Come Clam With Me” workshops, and open spaces for picnics as well as family-focused events like Food Truck Nights and Movie Nights run by the City and other gatherings.

In March 2013, DEM acquired 83 acres at the site of the former Rocky Point amusement park, creating Rhode Island’s newest state park. The state’s parcel was integrated with the 41 acres of shoreline at Rocky Point that was bought by the City of Warwick with the help of state and federal funding in 2007. The now-dilapidated pier at the site once served as a means of bringing people to the former amusement park by boat.

After a competitive bidding process, ACK Marine & General Contracting LLC of Quincy, Mass. was awarded the construction contract.


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Before it is built mayor, can we get a plan to do something about trash? The fishermen (I am one) are often slobs, bringing trash and leaving it behind. Fishing line, beer cans, assorted litter. The more folks who use this place, the more plans for trash removal are needed. It would be nice to have DEM/police issue fines.

Tuesday, April 23

Would also be nice to have parking close to the shoreline and some trash barrels on site. But then again, there can only be one act of God in Rhode Island in a generation.

Tuesday, April 23

Take your trash with you don't offer anyone the chance to over fill barrels or have a place to illegally dump which you know will happen.

The animal euthanize will also claim about the abundance of seagulls and the waste they leave behind.

The euthanizer won't use the pier anyways as he owns a boat.

Tuesday, April 23

Cote do you ever have anything nice to say about anything or are you just a naturally vile, rotten person? I have been observing these comments for months and you have something to say about EVERYTHING. You NEVER admit you are wrong about anything, you blow your top and attack people personally when they disagree with you and you complain about EVERYTHING. Your behaviour towards members of the community is at the very least disgusting and outright appalling. You can't even resist making a sarcastic comment on a story that's has nothing to do with your normal vile political venom. If you hate this city and everyone in it so much...LEAVE!

Wednesday, April 24

Dear TTE-Judging by his past antisocial and criminal behavior, it appears Mr. Cote was starved for attention during his formative years, and his many outbursts all throughout his adult life are a means for him to compensate for those shortcomings. He verbally attacked and harassed a grieving family just a couple of months ago during a funeral service for their loved one, for no other reason than to bring attention to himself. He readily admitted that he had never met the deceased man or any of his family members, and unfortunately they were just an easy and available target for him that morning. It's pretty much the way he operates-choosing to harass and attack those he feels are unwilling or incapable of fighting back-the classic characteristics of a true coward.

Wednesday, April 24

Dear Kelli Cole (Warwickbeautiful)

Are you capable of ever telling the truth? Are you capable of not making up false lies and stories about everything? Everything that you have posted is false. no one harassed anyone at a funeral. Remember, it was you that came out of the place screaming and using profanity, running up to my car as I was on the phone, not bothering anyone, not speaking to anyone, never exiting my car, and not saying one word to anyone. Yet you aggrandize your story to try to attack someone. You are the shameful person. Get a life.

Wednesday, April 24

Once again Mr. Cote has the unmitigated gall to go and smear the name of a deceased man and also smear the name of his daughter, after neither ever did anything to him. The Cole family has been the subject of attacks by Mr. Cote and his accomplice/girlfriend who even stooped so low as to take pictures at Mr. Cole's funeral and then posted them all over social media before Mr. Cole's casket was lowered in to the ground. It's no wonder that nobody in the city listens to a word Mr. Cote has to say, and his extensive arrest record and his continued harassment of a deceased man and his family just add to the list of his disgusting deeds. Please Mr. Cote, do the right thing and at least apologize to the Cole family for your despicable behavior at Mr. Cole's funeral-it's the right and proper thing to do, and will go a long way to help you clear your conscience.

Wednesday, April 24

Cote...for the last time you illiterate moron. Warwickbeautiful is NOT Kelli Cole (or any of Richard Coles children) and Kelli Cole is NOT the person who confronted you at the funeral. When your stupid ass was in the parking lot starting trouble KELLI was IN THE FUNERAL HOME mourning the death of her FATHER. If you are going to try cry about "false accusations" you better get your story right you piece of literal shit.

Keep the Cole name out of your stupid, ignorant, pathetic mouth!

He will never apologize. He is subhuman and a piece of garbage. I CAN'T WAIT for someone to come along and take the trash out!

Wednesday, April 24

Rob, why not take responsibility for your actions? Don't bury the lede here when you say "I never exited my vehicle or harassed anyone", the only question that matters is why were you there in the first place? This isn't like all those times you followed the WFD where you can say "well I just happened to be doing my shopping and guess what I saw!!!!" There doesn't seem to be ANY good excuse for being at the funeral of a deceased municipal worker looking for "corruption". It was a dumb, classless, short sighted move that will do much more to harm your message than help it. Taxpayers will never line up behind somebody who they feel is bitter or has an agenda.

I want the best for this city and it's finances in the future. I also want the debate to be more civil than it has been. We don't get there labeling people criminals, hanging around funeral services looking for corruption or recording supermarker trips for the WFD. Again Rob, the messanger can be just as important as the message. Don't forget that as you engage in conversation and debate in the coming months.

Thursday, April 25
Patient Man

That "shade structure" looks like it will make a nice sail next tropical storm.

Thursday, April 25

Scal1024- your comment hits the nail on the head! I couldn't agree more!

Thursday, April 25

This city will never get behind anything Rob Cote says. Proven liar and proven piece of monkey excrement.

Thursday, April 25
Kelli Cole

Mr Cote, once again I am informed that you have been mentioning me in your comments...let me clarify this again I am not warwickbeautiful and I do not know who is.

Also I was not the one to confront you at the funeral home, I was inside saying my last goodbyes to my father!

So again please leave me alone!

Wednesday, May 1