Cohesion of school district focus of forum


School committee candidates gathered at the Pilgrim Political Involvement Club on Tuesday afternoon for their final public forum prior to Tuesday’s election, reiterating points during last week’s Beacon forum but also bringing in some new points of view.

Notable was the appearance of District 3 candidate Corey Smith, who was unable to attend last week’s forum due to his commitment to teaching a night accounting class at Johnson & Wales University. However, due to her commitments to her job, District 2 incumbent Terri Medeiros could not attend Tuesday’s forum at Pilgrim.

While many areas of the conversation touched upon similar themes and generated similar answers from last week, some new ground was touched upon. All five candidates were staunchly against charter schools opening up in the city, for example.

However, a common theme that has resonated throughout the election period has been the atmosphere of discontent surrounding members of the public and certain staff and teachers working within the schools, specifically in regards to how the central administration has interacted with the public and the city council.

Every candidate inferred that communication could be improved in the district between administrators, the school committee and the public, though there were varying degrees of that thought among the different candidates.

“There needs to be open communication with everyone involved,” said Kyle Adams, running for District 1. “All stakeholders need to be accounted for, so that way if we bring all that to Warwick we can bring transparency and accountability back.”

“We need to listen. It’s very easy,” said Judy Cobden, running against Medeiros in District 2. “Most of [what needs to be fixed] is about listening to people.”

Adams’ opponent for District 1, Rick Cascella, measured the criticism against the administration by offering that the district has had to go through a complicated consolidation process that has involved a lot of moving parts and a lot of highly emotional, difficult decisions. He said that now that the consolidation is over, cooler heads should prevail and there should be fewer issues.

“Now that we’ve been brought down to a size we can manage better and that is more efficient, I think we’ll start to see – at least under my watch – a push for the administration to be more out there and more willing to meet at different times and with different programs to talk to the teachers and the parents about how things are going and be so much more transparent about how they deal with the everyday activities,” Cascella said. “I think you’ll see a more collaborative experience.”

Nathan Cornell, running for District 3, also mentioned how school committee members needed to be more visible in the community, and how there should be more participation on the Community Outreach Educational Committee, which he co-chairs and involves members of the city council and stakeholders to the schools, including one school committee member at this time. He said that residents should have an avenue to voice their concerns prior to votes through that committee, and also said that people should get more than two minutes to speak at public comment time during meetings.

“People would feel like they’re part of the decision making process,” he said.

Corey Smith, also running in District 3, emphasized that the focus should be on moving forward to a better tomorrow rather than dwelling on the problems of the past.

“We need to leave the past behind us, and that’s where it stays,” he said. “From this point forward, we just start to work collaboratively to problem solve and troubleshoot and figure out how to come up with short term, intermediate and long-term solutions to the problems.”

When asked about the issued caused by finances within the city, members spoke about the distrust that is evident among certain members of the city council in regards to the operations of the school committee and school department. Some members felt this mistrust was warranted.

“Personally I don’t believe they’ve been allocating [funds] properly because there wouldn’t be this much distrust between all parties if it was,” said Adams, who reiterated his efforts to meet with city council members and state representatives to start building trust early and often. “Building trust is not an easy thing but I think it’s already off on the right foot.”

Others felt as though the distrust was more directionally one-sided than others.

“I don’t think that the school department or school committee distrusts the council, but I think there’s a level of distrust from the council to the school department because of the vagaries in the way the money gets spent, and I understand that,” said Cascella. “But I think once we get passed the distrust we’ll be able to get things worked out and we’ll all do much better.”

Most candidates felt the need to bring the two sides closer together.

“There needs to be respect amongst everyone – all levels of government,” said Cobden. “Right now, I feel like the school committee is an island and the city council is an island. We need to have a bridge between those islands. I think it can be done but I think there has to be trust involved in this. Blaming needs to stop but trust also needs to be built.”

While 90-second question and answer formats don’t necessarily allow candidates to get down to the nuts and bolts of how they would solve problems, candidates were clear about how they will take an active approach in problem solving instead of adding to the long list of complaints heard throughout the district in past years.

“It’s one thing to complain and it’s another thing to actually do something about it,” said Smith. As a CPA, Smith said he deals with helping optimize budgets for a majority of his clients, and that he understands the budgetary woes faced by the district are more complex than some would like to admit.

“If figuring out things like this were easy, people like me wouldn’t have a job,” he said. We get paid because it’s difficult – it’s a challenge. I think we’ve all been asked so many questions about what would you do with the budget, as if there’s a magic answer to it, and there’s just not.”

Please look for the Beacon’s school committee forum on PEG RI-TV, which Cox customers can view on Channel 17 and Verizon customers can view on Channel 37. Air dates at this time include: Friday, 11/02 at 7 p.m.; Saturday, 11/03 at 4 p.m.; and Sunday, 11/04 at 1 p.m. When available, the video will be posted on the Beacon website as well.


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If Corey Smith and Terri Medeiros can't find the time to meet the public at these debates, how can we believe they will find the time to meet with the School Committee? I suggest that the were unwilling, not unable.

I strongly support Nathan Cornell over Corey Smith and Judy Cobden over Terri Medeiros and I ask all of my supporters do vote for these deserving candidates as well.

Cobden said it best when she said "Most about what needs to be fixed is about listening to people." If the School Committee members don't show up to an important debate or forum, they can't "listen" and therefore shouldn't be elected.

Please vote for Cornell and Cobden.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

Rick Corrente

The Taxpayers Mayor

Thursday, November 1, 2018

What supporters do you have Dick? Oh, that's right, the ones that pay your taxes for you.... these candidates will be thrilled with the 3 extra votes. Loser!

Thursday, November 1, 2018

His votes and endorsements are worthless, KM, and I expect that these candidates will take the lead of our honest, taxpaying neighbors and stay as far away from him as possible.

Thursday, November 1, 2018

The taxpayers mayor, offering his 2 cents when none was asked for. Please take a sabbatical from social media, you kinda suck. Maybe campaign for another 3500 days in a 2 year span?

Idk why Mr Smith couldn't debate, maybe you should ask him. I do know that Ms. Medeiros was ACTUALLY WORKING during the time given, and thus couldn't participate in a facebook forum.

"All your supporters".....I have more fingers & toes then that number!

Tricky Dick Corrente - not the jerk off we deserve, but the jerk off we endure, nevertheless

Thursday, November 1, 2018

Wow. Mr. Corrente, you are even bigger fool than I thought. You’ve been told AT LEAST four times now why Mr. Smith wasn’t there and yet that STILL hasn’t seem to sunk into your thick skull. Your comments are borderline libel as you CONTINUE to suggest his absence last week or Ms. Medeiros’ on Tuesday, for that matter, is from lack of interest, commitment or desire. How can you continue to make these statements when anyone with half a brain about them understands they were WORKING! It happens. Are you telling me only people with no other commitments EVER should run for public office? And BTW, where were YOU Tuesday? How come you didn’t show up? How can you continue to call yourself the taxpayers’ mayor when you couldn’t even be bothered to show up on Tuesday? Does this city and its schools really mean that little to you?!

Thursday, November 1, 2018

The debate was held at 2:00pm, most people work at that time. Only in Warwick do we have more candidates running that currently don’t have jobs or pay taxes lol

Thursday, November 1, 2018

It seems that Richard is is out of touch with how Warwick citizens feel, as I have yet to see anyone over the past 18 months who agrees with his rants. To state a couple weeks ago that a candidate ‘deserved to win’ simply because of the effort put into campaigning is irresponsible. The SC seat is not a prize to be won- it is a significant responsibility and voters should elect the most qualified candidate, not the most visible or loudest.

At last week’s debate Richard very rudely told my wife that she ‘just needs to shut up’ when she asked why he has so vocally advocated against my run for SC. I’m happy to have a respectful conversation with anyone who would like to see what kind of person I am. I’ll be at the Wethersfield Commons event Saturday afternoon and I’ll be on FB live throughout the weekend.

Thursday, November 1, 2018

Hey Fake Mayor, I’m sorry the intelligent comments by Mr. Smith upset you so much. I get it, too much for you to wrap your head around. You keep giving great reasons why you think Judy should win. But besides Nathan showing up to everything, you don’t mention one other reason he should win over Corey. I’d love to hear an actual educated reason. You seem to have all this time on your hands to be the mayor we never, or will ever vote for, so C’mon, give us a real answer. Sorry this highly educated person, with an extreme work ethic, kept his promise to the students he teaches and gave them the education they paid for!! Wow, Mr. Smith, you for sure don’t deserve a seat on our schools committee. (You know, because he’d never keep

his promise and go to the meetings. He’s clearly not dependable)

Nathan cares about our schools, but caring won’t get us out of this crisis we’re in. We need someone with more knowledge of the exact situation. Someone who can help get our Cities schools back to where they once were.

Clearly, FM, you don’t really care about our City, or you’d want the more qualitied person for that task to win. Talk to Corey, have one real conversation with him and you’d see he’s by far the better choice.

Thanks! Mom of 4, in Warwick schools, who actually gives a shit. ✌

Thursday, November 1, 2018

Once again the two-time failed mayoral candidate can't keep out of things that have nothing to do with him.

Why doesn't this have anything to do with him, two reasons. He doesn't have kids and the system and the "taxpayers mayor" had a long, documented history of not paying taxes. Thus he has no skin in the game and should keep silent.

I do have kids in the system and unlike some people actually do pay taxes to the city.

For what it's worth, the only candidate I've spoken to running for school cmmittee who doesn't have a personal agenda, ax to grid, or is a union shill is Corey Smith.

If you're in district 3, please do your due dillegence and give Mr. Smith a look.

Friday, November 2, 2018

Thanks to all the commenters who are again proving to the two-time election reject that his statements are false, no matter how many times he repeats them.

This is the same failed candidate, remember, who lumped together his spending for the 2016 and 2018 campaigns [which both ended in overwhelming losses] to make it look more impressive; falsely accused the school committee of blackmail and extortion; consistently ignored annual, independently run audits to suggest fiscal mismanagement by the school committee; refused to admit that $4.5 million of this year's school budget increase was a direct result of the recent teacher contract that he supported; and, as ThatGuy points out, has no children in the school system and lost his prior residence to tax sale.

All of you are also proving to him that honest, taxpaying voters can and will make up their own minds when they vote next week, and will not take the word of a twice-failed candidate with such a well-documented history of lies and delusional statements in deciding their votes.

Friday, November 2, 2018

corrente just keeps proving what a political pile of crap he is.

Friday, November 2, 2018

Dear CoreyMSmith,

I will respond to you because you deserve the respect of an answer.

First, I sincerely apologize to you and your wife. I didn't know she was your wife when I was confronted by her (she never identified herself) at the debate. I stood up to leave and she stepped in front of me and fired about nine questions at me without taking a breath. She didn't give me a split-second to answer ANY of them and just kept asking more. One of her questions was "Just because Nathan Cornell attends all those City Council meetings and School Committee meetings; does that make him more qualified?" I tried to say "Yes!" as she was half-way into her next question. I finally interrupted her and said "You don't really want me to answer any of these questions, do you?!" She loudly said "YES!" so I responded "Then please just shut up so I can."

She then went on to ask several more questions which I will only describe as "going up my left side and down my right" so I ended the conversation with "Have a nice night!" and walked away.

Corey, I was wrong to speak to her that way. I sincerely apologize. As far as my endorsement of your opponent, I believe being a member of the School Committee requires a huge commitment. At the time and date of the debate you made teaching that one class a higher priority. I get that. But it tells me where your priorities stand. Nathan made the time to get to the forum...and the City Council meetings...and the School Committee meetings...and hundreds of hours talking to all parties involved with the Warwick School system. Therefore, his priorities seem to me to be more focused on the benefit of the students, teachers, and taxpayers. Yours seem, by your own absence, to be more focused on teaching. There is nothing wrong with that. It just makes Nathan a better candidate for School Committee, in my opinion. I feel the same way about Judy Cobden for the same reasons. No one stopped her opponent from attending. She made the same decision as you did, with the same effect. It all comes down to a matter of priorities. That's just the way it is.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

Rick Corrente

The Taxpayers Mayor

Friday, November 2, 2018

FM, So, his commitment to his students, a commitment he made months ago, to teach on these nights, should have just been pushed aside, when he knew he could attend the second debate? When Corey makes a commitment he doesn’t ignore it, pass on it or forget it! He comes through, with ALL promises he makes! So, don’t pretend you know anything about this man you’ve never even spoke to in person. Do you see the crisis our schools are in? Have you looked at both candidates and what this man could bring to the table? Have you actually taken a minute to see who could make our schools better? If you knew one thing about Mr. Smith, you’d see he is legit only doing this to better the schools in his city. No other objective. He just wants to make Warwick schools better. He has the knowledge and means to do that!! Nothing against Nathan, we all know he cares and I see this kid going big places one day. However, I can’t ignore the better candidate for this position because one shows up to everything and one has other commitments. But, bet your ass, Corey, if elected, will make the committee and our schools one of those commitments.

Thanks, once again, ✌

Friday, November 2, 2018

CoreyMSmith, don't waste any more time responding to the two-time election reject. As you see from his rambling and incoherent comment, he still feels justified in scolding you for your work commitment after giving a cursory and [as is typical for him] dishonest apology to you and your wife.

"It all comes down to a matter of priorities."

Let's review what his priorities are: Lying about you; insulting you and your wife; calling your character into question; and thinking that his opinion will matter at all in the school committee races.

As you see from the other commenters on this page, you have a great deal of support that he could only wish to have.

I wish you luck in your race, and I intend to give you my vote.

Friday, November 2, 2018


You're not a mayor, why do you insist on calling yourself one? Moreover, your comments about commitments make absolutely NO sense whatsoever.

Your commitment to standing outside of Dave's market place each weekend waving to people as they pass by in front of your mobile mayoral headquarters is noble, but not something we look for when looking for advice.

To use a metaphor to describe your comments above, you basically are asking people to overlook all work-experience accomplishments, accolades, and otherwise necessary skills we need in this school committee and place perfect attendance ahead of it all. Would you award a B student the title of Valedictorian because they were in the classroom a few times more than the student with a 4.0, member of several extra-curricular activities, a job, and community service awards but missed a few days of school? Bet you would.

Fortunately, we educated know this site is basically your podium; that place where you spend all your time complaining and arguing with the few followers of the comments. Retreat now and hibernate until we call upon you to see if you see your shadow.

Friday, November 2, 2018

RC - These comments are the real thoughts of Warwick taxpayers. Maybe this will burst the bubble of your fantasy world that you seem to live in because clearly nothing else has had any affect on your conduct.

Now we know how you handle yourself in a tense situation. You tell a woman to shut up and walk away. Clearly you don't have any experience or maturity to conduct yourself like an adult. Read these comments Richard. Listen to what they are saying about you. Understand that you are not an expert on this subject matter just because you ran for mayor twice and failed. No one needs or wants to hear what you have to say. We are not hanging onto every word of your "sage" advise.

Some words of wisdom - take a hiatus and evaluate what you are doing with your life. You are going to find yourself in legal trouble if you keep going down this path of making up lies about people and posting them without proof. Someone will call your bluff. Hopefully you will have something more than "call my lawyer" or "call so and so in the tax assessors office" as proof of your statements. You will need it.

Friday, November 2, 2018

I don’t know ONE person who takes Corrente seriously. His character is seriously flawed if he thinks he can spew vulgarities at another human being and get away with it! But then again, most of what he says is not very well thought out and full of pent up emotion.

I’m not sure where Corrente is getting this idea that Corey Smith must not be committed to this position of SC because he had a commitment to his student... This theory makes absolutely NO sense! It appears to me that he’s extremely committed and sticks by his promises which is what he will do if elected. As a taxpayer, parent and informed Warwick citizen, Corey Smith is by far, the most qualified based on a few key reasons. These reasons should stand out to the voters over Nathan Cornell:

Smith has life experience, as a parent of 4 and a citizen of this city who also pays taxes to this city.

Smiths profession as a CPA is working with very large budgets and getting very large businesses back on their feet. Isn’t that what WPS needs to do given the financial crisis it’s in?

Smith has had recent interactions with the current SC and Thornton as an advocate for the safety of ALL Warwick students and has served as a very well-spoken and respected voice for parents, who for years have not been heard. In reality, many have left the district due to valid frustrations. .

Smith is a dedicated and hardworking person who wants nothing more than to help get this district back to where it was and should be. With him seated on this committee, parents and teachers can rest assured that he will make sure transparency, communication and due diligence is being done.

Nathan’s a nice kid and seems to care...but it’s just not the time for him. One day, when this district is settled, it may be. But the state of WPS needs a SC with adult experience who can work together and listen to each other. I fear with the alternative vote, it’ll be another 4 against 1 and we do not need a repeat of the last few years.

Oh and Mr Corrente...your endorsement of Nathan Cornell on here is not helping him win this election.

Please vote with your brains, District 3!

Saturday, November 3, 2018

Once again Rick Corrente gets exposed as the lying, erratic, uninformed clown that he is. What is quite telling is how Corrente tells Mr Smith "I didn't know it was your wife". So in Mr Corrente's mind it is perfectly acceptable to tell a woman to "shut up" in public or private as long as you don't know them or their husband. This is shameful, out of touch, ignorant behavior. I've never seen a person accomplish NOTHING and to pretend to have such a chip on their shoulder like Rick Corrente. With the kind of logic this dummy spins its no wonder Corrente has been embarrassed in back to back elections. Real tough guy Rick picking on a woman, you COWARD!!!

The comments by Mr. Corrente challenging the "commitment" of other candidates is a DISGRACE. This is a candidate who thinks standing on a street corner waving to traffic like a dope, is a "grass roots movement". As readers can see by the overwhelming rejection of his comments here alone, there is no support for this man, only in his mind. Rick Corrente is a liar, a tax delinquent and as we now know a bully.

Rick would never GROW A PAIR and confront his opponents (former Mayor Avedisian, Joe Solomon, Gerald Carbone) but he has no problem shouting down a candidates wife when he sees fit. Think about that for a second! For all of the comments on here and all of the bluster and critiques of his opponents the last 4 years when Rick Corrente is face to face w/ Joe Solomon and Scott Avedisian HE FOLDS LIKE A CHEAP TENT. However, we now know by his own admission, he has no problems confronting Terri Medeiros and Corey Smith's wife in person. Seems like the Tax Delinquents Mayor is more comfortable shouting down women, than he is standing up to a man on the campaign trail. Very telling.

In closing I would just like to say SHAME ON RICK CORRENTE. Its bad enough he has ZERO grip on the issues plaguing our schools and our city, but for him to pretend he's offering "endorsements" while questioning the commitment of other candidates is completely out of line. How dare you, Rick! How dare you pretend to have a clue. All you are doing is pandering more to the teachers unions. I don't know Corey Smith at all. From what I have seen he seems like a dedicated candidate, very well informed and a good family man. Where is the problem with that Rick? Doesn't Corey's teaching a class show a COMMITMENT TO LEARNING?? If you want to know who you can trust in the School Committee races just follow the $$$. Ask yourself why would the Warwick Teachers Unions want specific candidates on the school committee? We need to fix our schools and we won't do that by electing WTU supported candidates. Rick Corrente is part of our biggest problem with Warwick politics, he is not and never will be a part of the solution.

Saturday, November 3, 2018

Dear Scal1024,

After all the mudslinging and name calling and "How dare you", you asked an intelligent question so I will answer it.

You asked "Doesn't Corey's teaching a class show a COMMITTMENT TO LEARNING??"

No Scal. It doesn't!! It shows a commitment to TEACHING! I assume he got paid to TEACH that class Scal, and that's his right but it doesn't show a higher priority to being a member of the School Committee. Nathan Cornell showed that.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.


Rick Corrente

The Taxpayers Mayor

Saturday, November 3, 2018

Its funny to me Rick that for 4 years, under every honor roll article on this website you commented on how important a teachers role was in shaping minds to learn and grow, and how crucial a teacher can be to their students. Now when it doesn't suit your argument you state that the teacher is "getting paid to be there" and that it only shows a "commitment to teach" and not a "commitment to learn". Which one is it Rick? Once again we see that when it doesn't involve pandering to the Warwick Teachers Union, Rick Corrente could care less what students learn or what a teachers role is in that learning. As always in his own mind it is all about Rick Corrente.

Rick, stating facts is not mudslinging. You did tell a woman you didn't know to "shut up", you have been face to face with 2 different Mayoral candidates you were heavily critical of in the comment section, only to be face to face in 2 debates with both men and not say a word to confront them. You have been proven to be a liar on multiple occasions which you still refuse to own up to. Those are facts and there is no mudslinging involved. If you don't like being called out for the many mistakes you've made and lies you've told, perhaps you should change your odd, childish behavior.

Saturday, November 3, 2018

What's also pathetic, Scal, is how the two-time election reject picks one statement of yours out of all the replies to him and somehow thinks he's made a point in his favor.

As usual, he's wrong.

Sunday, November 4, 2018


You critics are unbelievable! That's the right word. "Unbelievable."

Loser! Worthless. 2 cents. kinda suck. Tricky Dick. a phrase too vulgar to repeat. jerk. thick skull. borderline libel. half a brain. out of touch ( got a REAL kick out of THAT one!) rants. Fake. reject. false. failed. falsely accused. twice-failed. delusional. lies. political pile of crap. rambling. incoherent. dishonest. lying. "sage". flawed. and that's before I even got to Scal1024! (sorry Scal. Ran out of time)

Hey, here's a question for you faceless wonders. If I am all of those terrible, disgusting things...why are you all so darn faithful? Why do you read and comment on my every word? Why hasn't even ONE of you anonymous cowardly critics had the courage to come out of the shadows and identify yourself? How come NONE of you ran in either campaign? Why didn't any of you receive votes? My name was on the ballot two times and I finished in the top-two. You didn't even HAVE a name! You STILL don't. And I have the self-respect to state my opinions openly, honestly and using my REAL name, something you have never done. How does it feel to know that a guy that you think is all that junk that you accuse me of, has accomplished thousands of times more than you have?

Think about that while I read Scal1024's stuff. I don't want him to feel left out.

For the record, I will continue to write my honest comments, good and bad, using my real name, and you will faithfully continue to read them. I know you will. I will continue to be unafraid of stating my sincere position. You will continue to lie about it using Fake News, Fake sources, Fake people, and Fake names. That's what cowards do.

Happy Thanksgiving critics.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.


Rick Corrente

The Taxpayers Mayor

Sunday, November 4, 2018

Corrente, dopey, there is no second place in an election. Just making that comment proves your mental disability.

Sunday, November 4, 2018

Thanks again to everyone who replied to the two-time election reject. He has responded the way he always does -- bluster and scolding.

You are all proving that he has no support from anyone and has resorted to childish behavior on this website in a desperate attempt to make himself feel better about his two overwhelming rejections at the ballot box.

His "opinions" are not honest, they are based on lies. His whining about screen names does not make them any less false.

He has also just admitted, in spite of the many comments here, that he cares only about repeating his lies and engaging in juvenile behavior on this website.

I am thankful that all of you have seen through the two-time election reject's bluster and false statements to correctly assess his character.

Sunday, November 4, 2018


You finished 2nd TWICE, IN A 2 PERSON RACE!!!!


That's accomplishing something? I've been THE TAXPAYERS MAYOR for as many days as you have, I guess, right?????

My name is Eddie, goofball. What's wrong with that name?

Bring your non job having, goofball ass back to the front of Daves to wave at all the people who didn't vote for you. The rest of us will continue our banter at your expense because we need a little breather from actually working most days(that's what adults do, dumbass....well that and pay taxes)

I apologize to jerk offs around the globe for trying to include you into their group - its not fair to them. Continue your success of all your failures, in sure we will always help reminding you while you try to push your agenda here

Sunday, November 4, 2018

Would someone please post the link to that city council meeting that corrente attempted to speak at?

Monday, November 5, 2018

Here it is, WwkVoter -- and thanks to Thecaptain for originally sharing it:

For those who haven't seen it, the footage lasts barely one minute.

In that time, the two-time election reject is stopped mid-ramble and corrected by the chairman of the committee, stammers and stumbles through whatever "point" he was trying to make [which was nothing more than an empty slogan], and then leaves the podium without having any effect whatsoever on the council's discussion or decisions.

WwkVoter, you'll recall that after the fact, he tried to say on this website that the chairman was wrong to rule him out of order. So, not only did he embarrass himself before the city council, he further disgraced himself by arguing about it after the fact on this website -- instead of confronting the finance committee chairman.

As Scal has rightly noted above, this is in keeping with the two-time election reject's past behavior, which led directly to his two blowout losses in 2016 and 2018.

Monday, November 5, 2018

Flip Flop RC strikes again. As Scal1024 rightly stated, RC has spent years commenting on every single article that mentions students and teachers heaping praise upon praise for their dedication to teaching our students (and taxpayers because RC doesn't know how to count). Only to turn around and use the argument that a teacher isn't in it for learning but for a paycheck.

He did the same thing with Solomon. Praised him in public until he became a political opponent then tried to discredit him on the same issues. Completely forgetting his words are on permanent record for all to see. You contradicted yourself AGAIN.

This is the same guy who thinks a federal law making everyone vote would mean a win for him because he has lots of supports, just none that vote! SMH

Monday, November 5, 2018

It continues to baffle me, Cat, why anyone would continue to willfully engage in such behavior as the two-time election reject has.

The examples you cite are valid, and they're much like his recent attempt to say that he was correct to both call the city council "tax and spend political insiders" in a political ad and then state within the past week that they are "the best council this century."

And on his delusional claim about compulsory voting, he's effectively admitting that he failed to motivate enough people to vote for him on his own merits, and instead wants a law to be passed compelling people to vote. [As you rightly note, too, he's basically admitting that his "supporters" don't vote.]

What he misses, of course, is that local voting tends to follow statistical trends -- in other words, if one candidate receives a certain percentage of the vote in a small sample size, that margin will generally stay consistent as the sample size goes up.

If we look at the 10,397 votes cast in the Democratic primary in September, it represents just over half of the 20,294 registered Democratic voters as reported by the Rhode Island Secretary of State in September:

[Click the drop-down menu to view September's numbers]

Every statistician would agree that 51.23 percent is a valid sample size to predict with virtually 100 percent certainty that the voting trend would hold consistent if it were expanded to the entire Democratic voter group -- meaning Mayor Solomon would still wind up with nearly two-thirds of the vote.

So, the two-time election reject is engaging in idle, uninformed, and delusional speculation when he suggests that, despite his spending of $1,770 on the 2018 primary campaign and the many clear and obvious defects that he willingly exhibited as a candidate, he would have somehow reversed Mayor Solomon's overwhelming victory if more people had voted.

We can be certain that, as long as there is an opportunity for the two-time election reject to disgrace himself even further, he will enthusiastically take it.

Monday, November 5, 2018

To offer supporting information to CrickeeRaven, he is speaking about the law of large numbers, a statistical theorem that we statisticians (I am a statistician by trade) use daily in our research findings. Its a theory on probability and all political polls imply voting results based on this theory. Ask Joe Fleming, Political Analyst for WPRI and he will confirm.

The problem with RC's process is that he has based his campaigning on the inverse theorem, called Gambler's Fallacy, in which people assume that if they create a certain outcome enough times, the inverse HAS to come true; much like his hopes of becoming Mayor.

The time has come to retire this banter Rick. Probability, and the general public, are consistently dictating an unfavorable result for your campaign. Its stats man...

OH, and for everyone's edification, with a voting population of 20,294 and a turnout of 10,397, the election had an overall margin of error of .64%

Don't believe me?

Here's the formula:

x = Z(c/100)2r(100-r)

n = N x/((N-1)E2 + x)

E = Sqrt[(N - n)x/n(N-1)]

N= Population size

n= Sample Size

Z(c/100)= Critical value for the confidence level (95% confidence in my calculation)

E= Margin of error

r= the sub sample size you are factoring

In layman's terms, this means that with the election results, and subsequent margin of loss you had, there is a 95% chance those margins would replicate if 100% of the people voted and would fluctuate by .64% plus/minus ( about 75 votes either way). That's how the law of large numbers works.

NUMBERS! They're really don't lie.

P.S- When you look at the 2016 poll positions in numerical order, 2nd in a two person race is last place. And losing the primary by almost 4:1 isn't much to brag about:

Joseph J. Solomon* (DEM) 6776 65.2%

Richard C. Corrente (DEM) 1835 17.6%

Gerald Carbone (DEM) 1579 15.2%

Vincent M. Ferla (DEM) 207 2.0%

Best of luck on your future campaigning. You're definitely going to need it.

Monday, November 5, 2018

JustAnotherRIguy, thank you for providing the statistics. I like numbers and facts. There is great comfort in having a solid foundation to support your claims. Unfortunately, your facts will fall on deaf ears with RC. He has a hard time dealing with them when they don't support him.

Laughed out loud with 2nd place in a 2 man race is LAST PLACE. Quite the spin placed on that one! It takes a special kind of person to get that lemonade out of those lemons.


I believe that he will give this another try in 2020. Think about all the support he has from the people that consider him mayor and tell that to his face every day!

Monday, November 5, 2018

Just to give another look at the Primary results Corrente finished 1600 votes ahead of Mr Ferla...who didn't campaign, had his wife accused of a crime after declaring for office, didn't spend anything and effectively dropped out of the race 2 weeks before the Primary. You get that, Rick? That means after 4 years of loitering on this website, spreading falsehoods and propaganda and lying about your own tax delinquencies voters chose a candidate they'd never even heard of instead!

When you factor in Mr Carbone another political unknown who didn't spend much $, had no name recognition and declared for Mayor late, he finished less than 300 votes behind Mr Corrente. Again, Corrente ran for 4 years, littered this city with illegal signs, spent hours flapping his gums on this website and waving on street corners, yet there is no seperation between Corrente, Carbone and Ferla in the Primary results. Long story short, the Corrente campaign, BOTH OF THEM have been FAILURES.

Just as I and many others predicted Corrente finished with less than 3,000 votes, he was embarrassed by Joe Solomon at the ballot box and voters strongly rejected his TWICE FAILED candidacy. The least shocking thing to come out of the Primary is Correntes ignorance and stubborness to read the Primary results and suggest voters really do support him. This will all lead to more spin, more lies and another run for office from The Tax Delinquents Mayor. Read the comments Rick, how many more people need to tell you WE DO NOT SUPPORT YOUR CANDIDACY!!!

This is where I'm supposed to pander to everyone like Corrente, right?

Happy Fall WTU!!!

Happy Fall Readers!!!

Happy Fall to my Mailman

Happy Fall former Mayor Avedisian

Happy Fall Mayor Solomon

Signed, The Taxpayers President


How'd I do???

Monday, November 5, 2018

Thank you, JustAnotherRIguy, for your instructive explanation of how badly the two-time election reject is humiliating himself with his delusional claims.

The idea that adding 10,000 [or 20,000, or 60,000] more votes to the Democratic primary would have changed the result is nothing but a fantasy.

Even aside from the statistics, the two-time election reject had no chance at any other result than another loss based on his own behavior. It wasn't anyone else's fault that he spent his time repeating his lies on this website and didn't raise any campaign contributions, the way legitimate candidates do.

His losses were his fault. None of his bluster or other juvenile behavior will ever change that fact.

Monday, November 5, 2018

Another incisive comment, Scal. You also did a great job parodying the two-time election reject's pandering comments.

I wish you and our honest, taxpaying neighbors the following, courtesy of

Happy American Football Day.

Happy National Doughnut Appreciation Day.

Also, Happy Old Fashioned Week:

Monday, November 5, 2018

Corrente, you have accomplished nothing at all. You have never championed a cause, never done any homework, never gotten the attention of the media, you are virtually unknown to major media and they will never take you seriously ever. Do you know Why? Because you have the brain capacity of a dehydrated mosquito.

Tuesday, November 6, 2018

RC actually commented in an article about Mayor Solomon and how busy he has been that he decided to stay away from all of the most recent events so he wouldn't be a distraction. I had a good laugh at that one. As if RC has the capacity to be a distraction. What was he going to do? Tell another woman to shut up when they asked him questions! Literally living in an alternate universe where he is important.

Tuesday, November 6, 2018