New campaign for former mayoral candidate

Posted 8/6/19

By JOHN HOWELL Richard Corrente believes in laughter. No, it wasn't a laughing matter when he embarked on a two-year long campaign, although he never quit smiling and even waving from street corners in his effort to unseat former mayor Scott Avedisian.

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New campaign for former mayoral candidate


Richard Corrente believes in laughter.

No, it wasn’t a laughing matter when he embarked on a two-year long campaign, although he never quit smiling and even waving from street corners in his effort to unseat former mayor Scott Avedisian.

Corrente maintains that his days of running for elective office are behind him. He’s not going back there. Nonetheless, he hasn’t forsaken his passion for a cause and his latest quest is to raise funds to help build a 44-room free hospital, the dream of Dr. Hunter “Patch” Adams, whose story is the basis of the movie Patch Adams starring Robin Williams.

Corrente is the man behind PatchFest!, a day-long event that will include games, bounce houses, a 40-foot blue dinosaur, live music, food trucks, vendors, a mega car show and just about any other family attraction imaginable on Labor Day, Sept. 2. PatchFest will be held at Mulligan’s Island, 1000 New London Ave. in Cranston.

“Patch Adams reminded me of my mother,” Corrente said of the inspiration for the movie. “There’s such a need to make people laugh.”

Corrente said his mother was good at it and, with her in mind, he sent a letter to Dr. Hunter “Patch” Adams commending him on his work.

“I just wanted him to know that he has done so much for so many people…he’s Mother Theresa.” In his letter he said he would be sending a donation, which he sent separately.

Then, just before Christmas, Corrente received a phone call from Dr. Adams thanking him for the donation. Corrente says they became “fast friends” and, after a 45-minute talk in which he learned that funds promised from the film for the hospital project have yet to be received, he was personally committed to helping.

According to the Patch Adams website, the Gesundheit hospital being built by the Gesundheit Institute in West Virginia “will embody our activist philosophy: a free, communal style hospital, nested in a community ecovillage, with a Teaching Center. The hospital will deliver care in a context that models our ideal design. The Teaching Center will educate visiting practitioners to create their ideal design.”

“He’s not a salesman and he admits it,” Corrente says of Dr. Adams.

On the other hand, Corrente said he’s been a “promoter” ever since he was a kid and, at the age of 14 mounted a campaign to raise $600 for a pool diving board.

Promoting is what Corrente has been doing. He’s rallied more than 20 volunteers, some of who worked on his campaign. The core organizers include Brent Maylee, Marshal Howard and Russ Smith. They’ve gotten out signs and printed up thousands of fliers. Corrente has asked for donations and participation from businesses and he’s turned out at events such as the cruise night in Oakland Beach to talk with people and hand out fliers. He’s planned a media blitz to get out the word and lined up a number of specialty souvenirs and items for car show exhibitors. Exhibitors will receive two passes to PatchFest, free raffle tickets, discounts on PatchFest clothing and VIP treatment.

Committed to doing some sort of fundraiser for the hospital, Corrente came up with the idea of a car show with events built around it to attract families. Finding a location, however, was an issue until he contacted Mulligan’s Island that embraced the idea.

Corrente said “all proceeds” would go to the cause. Also, he plans to make PatchFest an annual event and he has every intention of being there for the opening of the free hospital.

“We’re building the hospital and I’m going to be at the ribbon cutting,” he said.

Throughout his planning, Corrente has been in contact with the Gesundheit Institute. He said they have been supportive. So far, however, it doesn’t look like Dr. Adams will be able to attend as he is expected to be out of the country. That won’t deter Corrente from promoting what he sees as the core to Dr. Adams’ message and his aim to provide free health care.

Efforts to reach the institute for this story were unsuccessful. Email inquiries went unanswered.

Nonetheless, Dr. Adams summarizes his vision of more than a hospital on his website:

“I envisioned a community where people with poor self-images could go, actively participate in the rebuilding their lives, and reestablish love of self and of others – the most potent therapy of all. I envisioned a farm of about 75 to 100 acres with a primary school, a library, dormitories for as many as 300 patients, and facilities for artists and craftspeople. We would have gardens to make the community self-sufficient and a range of projects to make work a joyous game.”

As for the hospital, he writes, “The community would have a permanent staff of doctors and a temporary staff of teachers. Most people would stay only a few hours or days, but those needing the community for longer periods would stay longer.

My idea at that time (and still is, now) is that this model hospital would not necessarily be copied but rather would stimulate other groups to develop their own ideal medical approach for their communities.”

Dr. Adams’ clowning around is what resonates with Corrente.

“If the patient is laughing, the patient is healing,” Corrente said.

Corrente’s mission is hardly like running for office and that suits him.

“It’s going to be my life’s work out of politics,” he said.


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Congratulations on your new venture. I wish you much success and look forward to coming out for PatchFest! in support of a good cause.

Tuesday, August 6, 2019

During his multiple runs for public office there wasn't much I agreed with Rick Corrente on. I didn't like his approach and felt he talked down to anyone that questioned him on anything. If he is a man of his word, then I think he's making good decision walking away from any type of campaign for public office. I hope he remains committed to this decision, I will put my skepticism on hold and give the man the benefit of the doubt in this case.

I do give Mr Corrente some credit for taking his own time and applying it to a new, worthy cause. After losing his 2nd election over a 4 year span (something that would be difficult for any candidate I'm sure) it would've been easy for Rick to disappear and think about what could have been. It seems instead he has found something he can be equally passionate about and I think that should be applauded as a very positive outcome. I wish Mr Corrente nothing but luck and I hope he has a very succesful day at Patch Fest.

Side Note: I hope the Beacon follows up on this reporting after the event. How many people attended?, how much $ was raised, how much $ is being donated? A quote from Mr Adams himself would also be welcomed when they aren't up against the deadline.

Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Well, well, well...the prodigal mayor returns...Welcome back Dick. Have you had some sort of an epiphany and turned into an altruist before our very eyes? Call me a doubting Thomas until proven otherwise...I come from the trust, but verify camp, so I did a cursory check...Here is what I found....

According to the Secretary of State's database Dick you are affiliated with your Bankers Mortgage company and are listed on the Board of Directors of JONAH, along with Councilperson Travis, school committee members Bachus and Cobden...Explains your defending the indefensible regarding Ms. Travis monetary and tax issues...

I do not see your name on ANY 501c-3 regarding Patchfest...I checked 3 websites that track such all across the country....Nothing...Seems like that money raised could end up being taxable, ordinary income...Perhaps you have not filed the proper paperwork yet?

As for your associate, Mr. Howard, that name rings a bell with the Warwick Police...A wrongful death on Main Ave. that resulted in charges of alcohol or drug impairment...I also recall some DMV issues and district court issues some years ago...I don't know if it is the same person...But I am wary when money is raised in this manner with many questions...Please clarify the above Dick...I won't be the only one watching very closely that all i's are dotted and t's are crossed. Good luck, BEN

Thursday, August 8, 2019


Though I agree with you, he can actually accept tax free donation seeing Gesundheit Institute is a 501(C)3 organization if and its a big if he set up a Fiscal sponsorship with Gesundheit Institute,...

Thursday, August 8, 2019
Hillsgrove Hal

Ben and Norm,

People can avoid having anything to do with Corrente and just make a donation directly on the Gesundheit Institute's website:

Too bad the Beacon didn't include that information in its article.

Friday, August 9, 2019

[Corrente is} listed on the Board of Directors of JONAH, along with Councilperson Travis, school committee members Bachus and Cobden...Explains your defending the indefensible regarding Ms. Travis monetary and tax issues..."

thats enough for me. avoid.

Friday, August 9, 2019